Guesch patti - blonde

Lyrics for Blonde by Guesch Patti . S'éveille-telle en lui Déloge l'homme en lui Un ange vole Un ange vole ...Beau... Se lo...

After having accompanied the pianist Yves Gilbert , she decided to begin a singer career and recorded two discs in 1965 that passed unnoticed. In 1984, Patti participated in the trio named 'Dacapo', and had her first solo hit in 1987/1988 with " Étienne ", which was certified gold disc in France. This song sold more than half a million copies and was ranked #1 in several countries, including France and Italy. Labyrinthe , released a short time after, was also successful: in 1988, it won a Victoire de la Musique in the category 'Female révélation of the year', which is awarded to best new artists. Another single, "Let Be Must the Queen", was a minor hit, peaking at #25 in France and #21 in Austria.

Guesch Patti - BlondeGuesch Patti - BlondeGuesch Patti - BlondeGuesch Patti - Blonde